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May 2009

Third Place Is The Place
Robert Sindelar
ABA and PNBA Team Up for Spring Forum

Robert Sindelar and his staff at Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park (just north of Seattle), invite PNBA members to a special spring forum with the American Booksellers Association, to be held on Tuesday, April 13th.
Len Vlahos
The day will begin at 10:30 with "Techniques and Tactics for Online Website Promotion," with ABA Chief Operating Officer, Len Vlahos. "From hyperlocal searches and affiliate marketing to advanced analytics and beyond, learn how to build a meaningful relationship between your website and search engines and your community." In other words, increase your audience and your sales!

Oren Teicher
At 12:00, ABA CEO, Oren Teicher will lead an open discussion on pressing industry issues. Attendees will help guide the agenda of the session, so booksellers are encouraged to come with questions and ideas. Lunch will be served during this part of the program.

The day's events will wrap when the Third Place staff guides a 2:00 introduction to their Espresso Book Machine operation, or 'Ginger' as they like to call her.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to ABA's Jill Perlstein by April 5th.
Singers Gun

Indies Choice
Indies Choice Finalists Announced
Voting Now Open to ABA Member Booksellers

The American Booksellers Association has unveiled the finalists for the 2010 Indies Choice Book Awards. Booksellers at ABA members stores will cast ballots to choose the winners in eight categories--Adult Fiction, Adult Nonfiction, Adult Debut, Young Adult, Middle Reader, New Picture Book, Most Engaging Author, and Picture Book Hall of Fame--throughout the month of March.

The Indies Choice Book Awards reflect the spirit of independent bookstores and the IndieBound movement. The winners, to be announced in April, will be honored at BookExpo America 2010 in New York City.

Notables from the Northwest: Border Songs by Jim Lynch and Listen to the Wind by Greg Mortenson.
Book Groups See Progress on Patriot Act
from Chris Finan, President, ABFFE

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 2010:
The Campaign for Reader Privacy (CRP) today declared that progress is being made in the fight to restore the safeguards for the privacy of bookstore and library records that were eliminated by Section 215 of the Patriot Act.  While Congressional action last week extending Section 215 and two other expiring provisions for a year without any changes was viewed in some quarters as a setback for civil liberties, the Campaign believes that developments in 2009 have laid a strong legislative foundation for securing significant new protections for library circulation and bookstore sales records when the debate over re-authorization resumes later this year.
"For the first time since  passage of the Patriot Act in 2001, the House and Senate leadership agreed on the importance of protecting reader privacy," Barbara Jones, director of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom, said.  "In a few months, we will pick up the fight where we left off.  We think we will have a good chance of winning the changes that we have been pursuing for more than eight years."
When Congress passed the Patriot Act, it incorporated a sunset provision, insuring that the portions of the law posing the greatest threat to civil liberties would expire unless periodically renewed.   A major battle over reauthorization took place in 2005 and early 2006, and a number of important changes were made.  Congress granted bookstores and libraries receiving Section 215 orders the right to consult an attorney and challenge the orders in court.  But concerns remain about the law's potential chilling effect on First Amendment rights and reader privacy because the government retains the right to secretly search the records of anyone who it believes is relevant to a terrorist investigation.
Last year the Senate and House Judiciary Committees passed re-authorization bills that provided additional protections for bookstore and library records.  The House bill prohibited the use of Section 215 to search the records of a library patron or bookstore customer unless there are "specific and articulable facts" to show that the person is "a suspected agent of a foreign power" or someone who is in contact or known to the suspected agent.  The Senate bill provided enhanced protections for library patrons.
Unable to consider the legislation before the December 31 expiration date, Congress voted a two-month extension.  Changes in the mood on Capitol Hill resulting from the failed attempt to bomb an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day and other developments convinced supporters of Patriot Act reform that the timing was inopportune for debate over a full reauthorization measure. The one-year temporary extension (the new expiration date is February 28, 2011) will provide breathing room for the Campaign for Reader Privacy and others seeking greater protections for civil liberties to realign and reinvigorate their lobbying efforts.
The Campaign believes that the proposed protections for bookstore and library records do not pose an impediment to anti-terrorism or law enforcement activities and remains confident that Congress will move forward on this important legislation this year.
The Campaign for Reader Privacy was organized in 2004 by the American Booksellers Association, the American Library Association, the Association of American Publishers, and PEN American Center.  Its goal is to ensure that Americans can purchase and borrow books without fear that the government is reading over their shoulder.

Montana Book Award Announced
PNBA Shortlister Stands Atop Mountain

MT Bk Award
Winner of the 2009 Montana Book Award is Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Hotel was recently a finalist for a 2010 Pacific Northwest Book Award.
The Montana Book Award is an annual award that recognizes literary and/or artistic excellence in a book published during the award year. Eligible titles will be set in Montana, deal with Montana themes or issues, or be written, edited, or illustrated by a Montana author or artist. The Montana Book Award was founded by the Friends of the Missoula Public Library in 2002 and winners are selected by a committee of individuals representing areas throughout Montana. This year's honors will be celebrated on April 8th as part of the Montana Library Association Conference in Bozeman.

Four honor books were also announced: The Big Burn by Timothy Egan, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen, The 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster, and Stick Horses and Other Stories of Ranch Life by Wallace MacRae.
Behind Every Good Man...

"Robin will read aloud from selected paragraphs. Could be really embarrassing, but I might go. I should. Only once every 15 years or so does he come out with a book."

--Donna Cody in her "Friends, Family, Anybody" invitation to her husband Robin's (Cody of Ricochet River, Voyage of a Summer Sun, PNBA Award fame) launch party for Another Way the River Has.
Our Voices, Our Book
The Pacific Northwest Reader

PNW Reader
"It's finally on press and books are due out west by mid-April." So says Carl Lennertz--editor of the project through Harper's Delphinium imprint--regarding The Pacific Northwest Reader. The PNW Reader features state-specific essays from booksellers, librarians and other NW book industry folks in the PNBA family.

Partners/West will be the sole supplier of the book Pacific Northwest Book Award winner Jess Walter (The Zero) calls "A wonderful collection by a group of writers whose keen eyes for place and story bursts from these sharp essays."

The Pacific Northwest Reader, Harper/Delphinium Books
$10.95, 9781883285418
available only from Partners/West

A Portion of the Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit ABFFE, American Booksellers for Free Expression.

Blogging Up a Storm
PNBA Stores Have Socially Committed Followers

Liberty Bay
Last Friday's Shelf Awareness published an article about Twitter's top-ranked bookstores. No surprise that Powell's is #1, but we loved seeing that Liberty Bay Books (Poulsbo, Washington) is #16, with more than 2,200 followers. Way to go, Suzanne Droppert! Recent Tweets covered wild weather (perfect for ducking into a bookstore), eating and shopping with the locals on Bainbridge Island, and a favorite DK produced YouTube video (pretty clever).

Other member bookstores noted were Village Books (#22) and Third Place Books (#33).
Tuesday Treasure Hunt!
Something Fun from Inklings' One Book A Day Campaign...

"For this week here are the things you must do to compete in the Treasure Hunt! This is a hunt for ALL ages. We will be sure to give a book the winner will love.

The code for this week's Treasure Hunt is the title of a well-known children's book. Collect all the items required, line them up in the order you collected them and decipher the title! When you have figured out the title, go find the book. Write down the last sentence in the book, and bring it and all the other 'items' you collected to the front counter. If you are the first to complete the hunt, you will win a FREE book!

Here are your instructions:

1. Go to Inklings Bookshop and ask for the first clue to the Treasure Hunt. They will give you a small slip of paper and an "item."

2. Go to the Summitview Library and ask for the second clue.

3. Go to Boehm's Chocolates and ask for the third clue.

4. Go to the Cake Decorator's Shop and ask for the fourth clue. (They don't open until 10, so keep that in mind.)

5. Find the rose bushes between Starbucks and Inklings. Search the bushes for the fifth clue. Try to keep its location a secret and put it back when you are done.

6. Figure out the title of the book. Find it in Inklings, write down the last sentence on a piece of paper. Be the first to bring it and all the other clues to the front counter and WIN! Winners after first place will also receive a small prize, so be sure to bring the kids for a great adventure!

*All clues and answers are located in and around Chalet Place."
Book Awards Shelftalkers
Download, Add Comment, Display!
Rakha Shelftalker
(Click individual author photos on 2010 Book Awards page at

BookScan Reporting

Fast + Free + Easy

In order for the ABA to produce our weekly PNW Bestsellers List, at least fifty Northwest stores need to report weekly sales. Several years ago, almost 70 Northwest stores were reporting. In recent months, the number of reporters has fallen to close to 50, which is unfortunate. If your store uses ANY computerized inventory control system, reporting can be incredibly easy. The easiest method might be that offered by Book Scan, who has provided the information below. If this system does not work for your store, please contact ABA via their Indie Bestseller FAQ page, or by contacting Jeff Wexler. All of us at PNBA will be grateful, as will your fellow bookstore owners and managers.


"Nielsen BookScan is a central clearinghouse for the US book industry. Every week BookScan tracks nationwide sales of over 300,000 different titles from 13,000 retail locations, including more than 400 independents. BookScan facilitates a way to report sales to the ABA and to the regional associations through ABA. A few keystrokes and a minute of your time is all that it takes to transmit your sales data. Reporting not only helps your association, but your business as well.
BookScan is used extensively by publishers to figure out what and where different genres and authors will sell. An author's future can be partly dependent on their BookScan numbers. Publishers know that independents are a vital segment of the book industry. A few of the independent market's strengths are the ability to raise little known jewels like Water for Elephants or The Help to nationwide blockbusters, create buzz around new and regional authors, and draw attention to older titles. By adding to the regional charts and the BookScan data pool, stores increase the independent market's visibility to the book industry.
By reporting to the ABA through BookScan, you give the Northwest indie market a stronger voice in the book universe.
BookScan is compatible with the following point of sale systems: Booklog, Anthology, WordStock, IBID and IBIDie, SQ1 and iMerchant, and Books in Store. Please contact Rachel Ehrentreu, 813-366-2162 for further information."

Three Stores Celebrating Big Anniversaries

Happy anniversary to Vintage Books (35 years), Canyon Way (40) and Eagle Harbor (40)!

Eagle Harbor kicked off what will be a year-long celebration with a party February 27. Festivities included an open-mic; a meet-and-mingle with Bainbridge authors, booksellers and bookstore owners past and present; special story times; and a cakewalk every 1/2 hour.

The store got a big nod from its community when Bainbridge Island's mayor and city council proclaimed Feb. 27, 2010 as Eagle Harbor Book Company Appreciation Day.
Becky and Alec Milner

In Vancouver, Becky Milner, Vintage Books' owner, says they're keeping their celebration low-key and focusing on thanking their "wonderful customers on an on-going basis." As testimony to the wonderful customers part, Milner tells us one customer brought the store an "amazing fruit-covered custard pie" to thank them.

We asked Milner about the store's longevity, and she said she attributes it to "stubbornness" and "a passion for what we do." She says she's grateful to get to work with terrific people every day. "We've seen young children grow, and now come in with their children," she says. "We've grieved at deaths, rejoiced in births and love welcoming new people to our shop almost every day."

We asked what makes Vintage Books unique. Milner says: "The eclectic nature of our shop.  We have new books, recent used, very old and vintage books, out of print hardcover and paperback. Ephemera:  pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, ads. Our low key atmosphere was once described as 'scruffy charm.' We can live with that."

Talk about scruffy charm, Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant (Newport, Oregon) and its owners Ed and Roguey Doyle have been in business since 1971 and just got email last June. Longtime employee Kate Scannell says she had to drag Roguey Doyle "kicking and screaming" into the twenty-first century.

Scannell took a break from baking bread and muffins, serving a lunch rush and meeting with Norton rep Dan Christiaens to talk with us over the phone. (Ed and Roguey were out of town). One of the reasons for the stores staying power, Scannell says, is that customers have seen the same three people behind the counter for 40 years. "Everyone knows we love books and love to read and can make great recommendations," she says.

One of the store's bestselling books of the last forty years has been Jonathan Livingston Seagull, whose author Richard Bach is a Newport local. Scannell says Amy's Eyes by Richard Kennedy has also been a big seller.

Canyon Way doesn't have any big plans for it's big anniversary. "Nope," Scannell says. "We're taking suggestions."

Member Notes

Rediscovered Relocating
The Rediscovered Bookshop is moving to downtown Boise in June. Co-owner Laura DeLaney says the lease is signed and everything is a go. "We'll be at 180 N. 8th Street right in the thick of things: independent coffee, independent record store, the works." Look for a YouTube video with shots from the new store in April.

New Home, Same Duties for Weiner
Abrams rep, Andy Weiner has moved across SF Bay. His new address:
1006 Ventura Ave.
Albany CA 94706
Phone: 510-558-8563
Fax: 510-525-1989
Email is still:

New Owner for Book Dock
Patircia Piper is the new owner of the Book Dock, Harbor, Oregon. She takes over for Cynthia Voortman and Sharon Pellow, who had the south coast store since early 2008.Piper can be contacted at or 541-469-6070.


PNBA has learned of two recent store closures. Spokane's Children's Corner has shut its doors, though the accompanying Whiz Kids toys remains open, under new management. The bookstore had operated since 1972.

Marysville, Washington's BookWorks is closing after more than 20 years. Owner, Mary Burns' Facebook page simply states "The BookWorks is closing at the end of March."
2010 Calendar

Mar 23-27    Public Library Association Conference, Portland
Mar 27         BPNW Small Press Celebration, Edmonds
April             National Poetry Month
May 10-16    Children's Book Week
May 25-27    Book Expo America, New York City
Oct 7-9        PNBA Annual Tradeshow, Portland
Nov 4-6       PubWest 2010, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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